No. There is no need for setup costs from expensive fleet GPS tracking devices. Roadness works by taking the location data from your GPS-enabled smartphone or tablet and transmits it to our servers via cellular data. All you need to do is to signup for a free account and then download our free vehicle tracker application for your mobile device here.

Since Roadness tracks people -and not vehicles- through their smartphone, it is ideal for tracking drivers or your sales force driving cars, trucks, bikes or even bicycles.

Yes. Roadness has a location tracker that collects data from both mobile and desktop devices. Mobile devices take location data from the GPS while desktop devices calculate the location data from A-GPS (Assisted GPS), making it ideal for tracking users simply from their browser. A-GPS works with WiFi triangulation and requires any desktop PC or laptop connected to a WiFi).

When accessing the locations and contacts from the fleet tracking mobile app, the first screen will display the quick locations and speed dial contacts as stored on the device. These are for quickly navigating to a location or quickly dialling a contact respectively. Additionally, both windows feature a search bar on the top giving the driver the ability to search for any locations and contacts within the system. These are managed from the Roadness platform, giving basic CRM information to drivers.

Yes. You can access the History tab through the Fleet Dashboard and then select driver and date to see all the locations on a map.

Yes. Roadness fleet tracking software is based on the echo platform which offers over 30 modules to manage your business more efficiently. The applications include Clients, Vendors, Leads, Orders, Invoices, Inventory, Calendar, Tasks, Projects, Files and more.

It is actually very easy! Simply open the Users application from the administration platform, create the driver and scan the QR code from within the Roadness application. It takes less than a minute for each driver.

Yes. There is a fleet tracking schedule and it can be managed from the Users application on the administration platform. You can set different groups for your drivers (e.g. Regular drivers, Night shift drivers, etc.) and set the tracking schedule for each level separately. The application will only record and submit location information when within this tracking time range. The drivers can confirm the schedule from the mobile application or see the red dot which means they are not being tracked at the moment.

The accuracy is approximately 0-100ft (0-30m). Accuracy may decrease indoors for GPS. Accuracy may decrease outdoors for A-GPS.

The delay depends on two factors. The first being the delay the location is submitted from the mobile application (120 seconds for Free version, 30 seconds for Basic, 10 seconds for Premium). The second factor is the delay the data is transmitted from the device over cellular data together with the delay the location marker is shown on the map. This delay is usually no more than 6 seconds.

Approximately 5MB for a full 8 hours driving including occasional download of map data.

Yes. Although it will not be efficient, the application will still be able to record location data and submit this information when on WiFi. This way you may not have real-time location tracking info but you can still enjoy all the other features including history data.

The traffic data is taken directly from Google Traffic, a service provided by Google and integrated into Google Maps. You can turn the traffic layer off from the Settings tab on the Fleet application within the Roadness administration platform.

Yes. Roadness is designed for global teams. Each person will submit their location from anywhere in the world and all the location data will be gathered to your Dashboard. You can also set different timezone and currency for each driver or group of drivers.

Very often. On average we release 1 update/month for the mobile application and 4/month for the administration platform.

Yes. All checks in USD should be mailed to 1141 N Old World 3rd St. #3004, Milwaukee, WI53203, USA. All checks in EUR should be mailed to 48, Kerasias, 17342, Athens, Greece. Please include your email so we can match your account and your company details to send you the invoice.

Yes. Just send us your data in CSV, XLS or XLSX format and we will do the rest.

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